How to find a reputable logo designer in your city?

Finding a good logo designer when you need a first logo for a new business or a new look for an existing business isn’t the easiest thing to do. You really have to look hard if you want to find someone locally that you like and perhaps can even have a face-to-face meeting with before deciding whether to go ahead or not.

Finding People Online

Finding local people online is possible using Google Local search. For instance, when searching for “logo designer Chandigarh” this will bring up designers who produce logos in Chandigarh like tricitywebsolutions. This type of search will work perfectly well for any city in the world.

What you will find though is that there’s many web design studios popping up in the search results. Honestly, usually just the biggest brands. Not the best designers or solo designers in most cases, but the dominating web studios.

You’ll have to dig deeper if you’re expressly looking for a solo logo designer in your city who isn’t working for a major firm, but perhaps a small boutique design firm or on their own too.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is strong with effective designs. Business acquaintances are often only to eager to talk about a great designer that did an excellent job on their website or logo (many designers of sites can also produce logos too). They may be available locally to work with you on producing an excellent logo for your needs too.

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Another way to go it to use UpWork. There are many logo designers all around the world on there, so quite often they’ll be several from your local town or city too. It’s the largest freelancer marketplace globally and so you might get lucky there.

The advantage with UpWork is that logo designers are well featured on the site. They rely on positive ratings and so will put in more effort to produce a good logo for clients. They may offer multiple initial designs and/or multiple iterations to modify a preferred logo design to the final version. This is often necessary to get the logo exactly how you’d like it to be.

99Designs is a website where logo designers will submit their logo idea in a competition with the buyer deciding which one is best. They then only pay the winner of the design competition. It doesn’t expressly focus on designers from a particular country or city, however, that’s always possible as a requirement, if necessary. If wanting the very best logo, this is an option.

Final Word

Be aware that logo designers sometimes take shortcuts. They may start with 100s of basic logos and then modify them to add some unique details like the letting initials of the company and then call it a day. Not every logo that you see “designed” online was created from a blank canvas. When deciding, understand that if your logo will be truly unique, it has to be designed from scratch. It’s necessary to confirm this detail before going ahead and, indeed, getting a price quote based on a unique design, not from an existing logo framework.